Home Staging/Visual Merchandising

In today’s competitive market, to sell a house, it must stand out. Sellers must prepare their homes for maximum appeal on both the interior and exterior.  Our goal in staging is to prepare the home for the market with both the agent and client in mind.  We work with items currently in the home for the proper placement of furniture and accessories which will shocas the home to its maximum potential.

The purpose of staging is to grab the attention of potential buyers as soon as they pull to the curb of the property.  This can be achieved by: creating curb appeal, interior cleaning and color selection, creating a buyer friendly appearance, and over-all presentation.


  • Curb Appeal – Exterior colors, Landscaping
  • Cleaning – Interior and Exterior
  • Interior – Neutral Colors, De-personalization, De-clutter
  • Furnishings – Clean traffic patterns, Art placement, Remove Excess
  • Presentation – Create a “product” to be sold, Fresh, clean look

Staging Fees

  • Standard Staging Fee – $50 per hour, 2 hour minimum
  • Full Scale Staging – $65 per hour, 2 hour minimum
Visual Merchandising

The visual merchandising service offered by LTI can be seasonal, holiday or special event.  This service can be utilized for estate sales,  trade shows or auctions.  This service is most widely used by small to mid-size privately owned retail establishments. The service helps to show items in their most salable and attractive light,  thus drawing in customers and increasing sales potential.


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