How We Work


  • We will meet you at your home or site to analyze the space, evaluate the scope of work involved, and discuss the budget and schedule of the proposed project.
  • We will then set up a client interview to give a proposal/presentation of the discussed project.


  • We will begin our search for the appropriate furniture, accessories, lamps, fabric and more from our network of auction houses and vendors throughout the Southeast.
  • We will also show you how to repurpose and reuse items currently involved with the site in cost saving and creative ways.
  • We can go as far as your vision takes you and will work in any budget bracket.


  • First, we will begin any demolition or removal that needs to occur for the goals to be realized.
  • Next, we will begin any painting, wallpaper, or carpentry work that will serve as the basis for the finished product. Only qualified and bonded sub-contractors work with us and references are available upon request.
  • Then, we will begin the installation and staging of the furniture and curtains, rugs and accessories that we have purchased per your approval.
  • And, last, we will walk you through your finished project making note of any “punch list” and a timetable for its completion.

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