Fee Structuring

At Landford Thompson, we have a range of payment options and budget structures. Whether you want us to work within an established budget, a hourly rate, or a per project agreement, we can accommodate almost any payment arrangement our clients feel comfortable with.

For new clients or first time service users, we have a $100.00 consultation fee which can last anywhere from an hour to the entire day if necessary. This fee is not applicable to the job budget and is a onetime only fee for as long as you are a client. This covers our time, gas, and lets us know you are serious about your project.

We accept cash payments in limited amounts, personal or corporate checks and credit/debit cards through Pay Pal. Just let us know what works best for you.

Our Rates

  • The hourly rate for a Design Consultation is $75.00.
  • Florals are based on current market prices and are per arrangement. A pre-arranged budget works best for this service.
  • Event staging can be priced by the room, venue, or pre-arranged space.
  • Wallpaper is installed at $75.00 a double roll with the exception of silks, grass cloth, or ceilings over 10 feet.
  • All other interior design work or sub-contracting is done within client budget or pre-arranged agreement.
  • Fine art acquisition is done on a percentage to be agreed upon by both parties.


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